My name is Stephanie … and I am addicted

Ok, so I have many addictions…Reese’s Mini PB Cups, paper, my computer, etc.  But this current obsession is amazing!  Blogs!!  Yes, I know I am late to the game, they have been around for awhile, and everyone is doing them. But how often do you sit for hours on end reading them?

My darling hubby and my adorable Pom woke me up at 2 a.m. this morning.  It wasn’t intentional.  But I couldn’t go back to sleep, although they seemed to have no problem doing so.  So I made some coffee and have been reading blogs.  I started with Cathy Zielske’s.  I used (the Way Back Machine) to start reading her old blog.  I love it!  But that led me to check out most of the links to other blogs she has…some I like, some I don’t.  It is a vicious cycle, that it is…especially if you are like me and like to read.  I can read for hours, and just have.

Sadly, I am getting very tired.  The boys have been dropped off at school, so I am off to nap, even though all I want to do is read more blogs.  I have a job interview at 2 p.m. today, and really don’t want to be nodding off during that.  It would not make a good impression!

So, my obsession, addiction, whatever you want to call it, will have to wait until later.  So much for getting things done today…snuggly warm covers here I come!


2 Responses

  1. Stephanie,

    I read your comment on Cathy Zielske’s blog and tried to access her archives to no avail. Is the link correct or do you happen to know why nothing comes up? Thanks!

  2. Oh Stephanie–I’m addicted too!! I love to read blogs (I could spend hours upon hours surfing from one to the next–and believe me, I’ve done it before!) And I love writing on my blog! I write everyday during the week, although I try and give myself a rest on weekend. But I sometimes even find myself posting then too. Not this weekend, though.I actually found time to do some scrapbooking today, which was nice. And tomorrow is church, so none tomorrow either! I will definitely start being a regular to your blog. Pop by mine too!!
    I’m addicted absolutely…

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