Who has touched you….and who have you touched?

There is a very special woman who has always been there for those who seek her advice and support.  She never asks for anything in return.  She makes us laugh, she makes us feel better about ourselves as scrapbookers.  She is inspiring to all those around her.  This BOX OF LOVE is just part of a project that is being put together by a small group of those many that she has touched.

It doesn’t look like much in this photo, but it is full of LOVE, Hope and Prayers.  This woman has a tough fight on her hands over the next few months.  She loves to scrapbook.  She loves to help others.  So it is only fitting that each person involved in this project says a small prayer and adds hope to each fold of these cranes.

Who has touched you?  Who has made you feel like you matter, just simply mattered?  Those people, those with that rare talent of making everyone around them feel special, are jewels that should be cherished.  Have you told those who touch you, what they mean to you? 

Now, who have you touched?  Have you done something for someone else to make them feel special, just for the sake of making them feel special?  Too often in our society everyone lives by the motto “what’s in it for me?”.  Well, I think that should be “what’s in it for you?”  It should not be about us.  It never has been.  It is about those that we care about.  Those in our everyday life, and those in our online life.  Words are powerful … one wrong saying could devestate someone.  Or it can lift them to their highest achievements because you believed in them.

Remember to tell those who have touched you THANK YOU.  And stop thinking about yourself so much, and what’s in it for you…what ever “IT” is.  There are people out there that are waiting for your support and love.  Share it.  Let this be a public display, not for recognition for yourself, but for that selfless person.

Ms. Smurf….Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  We love you.  And I for one am a better person for having gotten to know you, and am honored to call you friend.  We are behind you 1,000,000 % while you go through these next few months.  God has already blessed you with a generous spirit and kind heart.  There is nothing you cannot do.


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  1. This is a beautiful entry!

    Happy New Year!

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