Christmas was a success…

Despite my working, Christmas and the few days before went off without a hitch.  On Saturday we went to my mother’s (aka Mickie’s) for Christmas with them.  This was my only day off for a week, so this was the only day we could do it.  Despite the fact that we didn’t get to see my brothers at all, it was still a good time.  In this picture you see Joey(front), Tommy (behind Joey), Samantha is on the couch, and my neice Jessica in the background.

Christmas at Mickie's

 The kids all got presents that they were excited about.  Of course, they don’t know about all the phone calls between myself and my mother to make sure they were “just right”, but in the end it doesn’t matter.

On Sunday the kids went to their Dad’s for Christmas.  They left about 4pm and got back about 10pm.  They had a blast as usual, and brought home way too many presents.  That is why I do not go too overboard, they get too much stuff with so many celebrations of Christmas.

On Christmas day they were soooo patient.  They had to wait until almost 9:30 to open presents as we were waiting for our daughter Nicolle to come over.  They played with their new toys from the night before while they waited and opened their stockings.

Here is a shot of all the kids and the dogs (they are “kids” too).

Christmas Morning

It was a bittersweet celebration.  We found out Saturday that Nicolle and her boyfriend are leaving Thursday to go live in Michigan with her Mom.  She is going to be missed, but she also knows that we will hound her by way of phone calls, if she “forgets” to call and check in with us on a regular basis.  We are such “horrible” parents, we actually want to keep in touch with our kids.

While it didn’t feel much like Christmas, what with no snow (that’s just not right!), and my working all through the holiday, it was a good time.  We spent time together as a family, and there was no stress.  My apologies to those that usually enjoy my goodies at Christmas, I will bake again next year.  I missed it too but it just wasn’t in the cards lol.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as well, and it wasn’t full of stress.  Life is too short.


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