I made a gift!!

I can’t believe I actually got this done! I didn’t think I would be able to do any handmade gifts this year. I am out straight at work. But this only took me about 2 hours (mostly because of design choices, not the actual assembly).
I feel safe posting it here because my grandmother doesn’t go on the internet, so no risk of her finding out. I also solved the issue many have mentioned about these CD Calendars…too many pages.

What I did for the right side was to make the base from cardstock, I then printed out my calendar pages. I then used my button hole punch to make the holes for the brads. I attached the entire calendar to the cardstock and then added adhesive before mounting into the cd case. On a side note, I should have placed a piece of patterned paper or cardstock on the back side to hide the brads, but didn’t. Lesson for the next one.

On the left side, I placed 2 pieces of the same patterned paper back to back and adhered inside the case. The clipart of the girl is an image I found online. It is a cover of Woman’s Home Companion from 1917, the year my grandmother was born. It is even the August issue, the month she was born! I printed that, added it to a base of pinkish cardstock and inked the edges.

The green flourish is a Chatterbox rubon I got in a kit from Personal Scrapper (www.personalscrapper.com). I was rummaging through trying to find something to dress it up. It matches those brads perfectly. Don’t you love when things come together without even trying? I do!

I think above the calendar should have something more? Maybe a flower or two? A piece of ribbon? Let me know what you think…all ideas welcome.

I just can’t believe I got this done…hehe…giddy…happy, happy.


2 Responses

  1. I absolutely love your CD calendar–it’s great, you do beautiful work.

  2. Thank you Isabel! Coming from you that is a very high compliment!!

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